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If you are planning for a trip, then you will totally get confused where to go and still searching for the location which would be suitable for your family. If you wish to choose the place entirely covered with nature and make you to feel the historical moments then Switzerland would be the best tourist spot to you and your family. Although, Switzerland is a small country and there are several attracting places you need to see. Switzerland has several ancient castles, turquoise lakes and mountains peaks in each direction. If you wish to travel to Switzerland, then you need not to travel too far and excellent Swiss transport system makes you to see best places in Switzerland that too in affordable price.

Most Attractive places in Switzerland:

There are several tourist spot in Switzerland which are listed below.

  • Matterhorn, Zermatt
  • Chateau de chillon, montreux
  • Swiss National Park, Zernez
  • Lake Geneva and surrounding cities
  • Lugano
  • Bern
  • Lucerne
  • The Rhine Falls
  • Zurich

MatterhornMatterhorn, Zermatt: The Matterhorn is a giant pyramid shaped mountain and it is a most famous for mountains and there are several peaks one of the most famous peak is Alpine peak and the topmost place among the tourists. Matterhorn Mountain stands 4478 meters high and draws all mountaineers from all area of globe. Cable cars are available to claim the mountain stations

Chateau de chillon: It is four century old water fortress castle located in the heart of Swiss Riviera on the bank of Lake Geneva. The castle totally consists of 25 building and 3 courtyards. The tourist can reach the castle through boat, bus or by walk through pavement from Montreux. This castle is one of most historical building in Switzerland.

Swiss National Park: It is located in zernez and it is totally of 172 square kilometers which revealed with unspoiled scenery from snow encrusted glaciers, waterfalls, and woodlands. There are totally 21 routes in the park which allows the touristers to enjoy all the magnificent floral, rare golden eagles, ibexes and marmots.

Lugano: Switzerland shows different light when touristers travel to Lugano, it is located in the south of Italy border. It is a romantic place where villas are available for touristers to stay. Lugano is a great museum where numbers of heritage houses are available around the place.

Rhine fallsRhine falls: Rhine falls is a largest waterfall and it is a wonderful place for tourism in Swiss, the water fall roar from a breadth of more than 150 meters. The tourist people can enjoy the majestic waterfall by seeing the view. On august 1st Rhine fall will do a sensational fireworks will would be a great treat for your eyes.

Bern: Most of the people not aware of the medieval city Bern which is a capital of Switzerland. Once you step into the Bern all your doubts regarding history would be vanished. Bern’s is a historical place where it boards with amazing botanical garden and colourful market across the river Aare and Bear Park.

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