How Football became the world’s famous sport


There are so many popular sports existing around the world, but nothing has the huge numbers of fans like Football. Football is actually a family of the team sport which involves kicking a ball to attain the goal. In certain countries, the football sport is also called the association football or soccer which is world’s popular sports now days.

About the football game

This particular sport is highly enjoyable and it is followed by the 4 billion fans around the world and they are following it in all tournaments and football matches. Ancient soccer games had been traced to China early in the second century. Greeks, Romans and also Japanese have been probably the first players of this soccer sport. The modern soccer game started in England, where it is comprehensively considerable interest and also spreads to some other parts of the world. Now days, this sport is really very popular in America and Europe than some other continents. There are huge numbers of the Asian fans for this association football or soccer.

This sport is generally characterized by two various teams of 11 players and also two goals. The main objective of this game is to drive the ball into the goal which is defended by the players in the opponent team. In this game play, the gamers are not allowed to touch a ball using your arms or hands while it is in the play. Otherwise, you will go to the penalty area if you have crossed this rule. The players of the association football or soccer mainly use their feet in order to pass or strike the ball and pick the goals. The team which scores more numbers of goals at the end of the match wins a game. If the score level will end in draw, the result will be considered by giving the penalty shootout or additional time based on the format of that particular soccer competition.

england vs croatia

International football competitions:

  • Association football or Soccer is internationally conducted by the international Federation of Association Football (FIFA) that organizes the world cups for both males and females every 4 years.
  • The major international football competition is the world cup organized by this FIFA association and it takes place every four years since 1930 to still now.
  • About 190 to 200 national teams compete in qualifying the football tournaments with the different scopes and get the best place in the finals.
  • The final tournament will be held every 4 years and it involves 32 national teams which will compete over 4 weeks.

The world cup is the most celebrated association football match or tournament in the world and it is also most viewed game and following by the billons of fans around the world. Besides the world cup, the most widely considerable international association football competitions are the continental football championships that are usually organized by the confederation of every continent and challenged between the national teams to win the World cup.


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