Ongoing new technology invention in robotics

3D visual of a humanoid robot pointing/touching the screen

Day by day the technology is improving at peak rate and when it comes to the digi tech then the invention is more improved when compared to other field. It is mainly due to the competition between corporate sectors, if one company launches one technique then the competitor would try to launch new invention better than that. In same way invention of robots also upgrading day by day, initially the robots are invented to make business work then slowly it is used for industrial purpose like food packing, packing in manufacturing company. Then as technology developed scientist has invented robots in all sector they have invented little robots which is designed especially for kids they teach education to the kids. Further robotics inventions used in all other sectors like marketing, house hold works, companies and even more.

Recent robotics tech update:

There are many inventions in robotics made people to think how is it is possible and sounds as Wow! What an invention? Till now the sound of inventions does not change yes even now scientist had invented a new robot. This new robot is quite different the basic idea of this robot combines two majestic nature sights. The new robot is called as “underwater jumping robot” it is invented by researchers from Cornell University.

How underwater jumping robot is invented:

The underwater jumping robot specialty is already described in its name itself yes the robot is specially designed to jump out of water when it is thrown into water. You may think how it is invented, the answers are listed below.

  • This invention is mainly based on animal’s ideal subjects such as catch the prey, trying to escape from predators and jumping out off water.
  • Majestic animals like whale or dolphin jumps out of the water in higher height which technically challenging to pull out.
  • While examining animals scientist found the key factor- entrained water mass were animals can jump out of water in high.
  • The robot is designed similar to whale or dolphin to jump out of the water.
  • The researchers design the robot with a hinge and a rubber band which provides jumping force to robot.
  • The upper side of the robot is made with tilting feature which helps robot to invert itself inside the water.
  • There is a sensor placed in the front panel it helps the robot to sense the water when it is dropped into the water.

underwater jumping robot

When robot is dropped into the water the sensor sense and the upper side of the robot tilt and made inverted. The hinge and a rubber band create a jumping force that makes the robot to jump out of the water. Although the robot is designed to jump out of the water it could not reach that much height since it is made with simple materials. However researchers want to change some designs to the robot so that in next iteration it can breach into the water and jump out with higher range of height.

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