Sony WH-CH700N wireless noise-cancelling headphones launched in India

Sony WH-CH700N wireless

Recently, the Sony has introduced the WH-CH700N noise-cancelling wireless headphones up to 35 hours of battery life. On last Wednesday, the Sony has enlarged its wire array if noise-cancelling as well as wireless headphones in India by implementing the WH-CH700N. Actually, these Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphones are specially designed for several hours of music playback. The best thing about Sony has offering its artificial intelligence noise cancellation technology, which evaluates the background sound to modify the performance in the noisy environments. In order to activate the noise cancellation, there is also a dedicated NC button available.

In addition to, the Sony headphones come with the excellent feature of voice assistant help. This is a built-in microphone is now widely available to permit the hands-free voice calls as well as voice commands. Another interesting thing about Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphones is now available to shop via the entire Sony centers and also the major electronic shops in all over the countries with a reasonable cost of just Rs.12, 990. Moreover, this latest Sony headphone is highly manufactured to work with the headphones connectivity app, which is now available for both iOS and android devices. This exclusive app also lets you harmony the headphones based on your own preferences.

Excellent features of Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphones

The excellent thing about this Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphone is including the amazing notable features:

  • The Sony WH-CH700N noise-cancellation wireless headphones come with the cutting edge AINC technology, which supports to produce an ideal noise cancellation technique.
  • This headphone also has an enthusiastic NC button to trigger the noise cancellation with a tap and hold signal.
  • In addition to, there is a digital sound improvement engine feature in order to lift up the high quality of compacted music files.
  • The Sony WH-CH700N noise-cancellation wireless headphones also have 40mm drivers, which come with a sensitivity of 97dB/mW and also permit the frequency response between 7Hz to 20,000Hz. Additionally, there is an impedance rating of 20 Ohms.
  • The top most brands like Sony have offered a built-in microphone feature on the WH-CH700N, which greatly supports to permit the voice assistant commands and hands-free voice calls.
  • These Sony headphones will also be well improved for the Google Assistant via a recent software update.
  • In terms of wireless connectivity, the Sony WH-CH700N noise-cancellation wireless headphones have a feature of Bluetooth v4.1 and NFC.
  • The single sided type and detachable cable in 1.2-meter length is also collected to permit the music playback through a conventional 3.5mm jack.
  • The Sony also entitles on a single full charge that is expected to withstand up to 7 hours, but the WH-CH700N wireless headphones are delivering up to 35 hours of battery life based on your musical settings.

Sony WH-CH700N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones


Below are the lists of Sony WH-CH700N noise-cancellation wireless headphones highlights that include:

  • Noise cancelling headphones are available with 40mm drivers
  • Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphones now come with a dedicated NC button
  • Sony also entitles that 35 hours of battery life about a single charge

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